From beloved arbors and arches to floral crowns and flowing ribbons, this year’s trends are special.


Trends come and go, but there are sometimes those you’d like to see stick around for a while. Last year was a fantastic year for inspiring trends, many of which will remain hot this year.


1. Arbors
It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful setting under which couples can pledge their forever love than one of these. Many venues offer different styles, shapes, and designs. Rental companies also carry a variety of arbors and arches. Whether indoors or out, an arbor or arch packed with greenery and flowers helps create a magically romantic setting for a couple’s ceremony—or even for an entrance to the reception. Brides are using arbors that are permanently installed at venues, renting arches from rental companies, or having loved ones build custom arches. While more time consuming for our designers, the beauty of the final product is worth the work.

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2. Floral Crowns
Romantic and lovely, the floral crown is also sometimes called the flower halo. The floral crown adds a light, delicate touch of flowers, while making the bride (or bridesmaids and flower girls) feel like Beyonce! Florists can do simple greenery or a crown full of flowers.


3. Blush and golds
Gold is still in! Blush or rose gold and gold remain popular. These colors are romantic and classy, and couples can’t get enough.


4. Personal details
Couples are straying from formal traditions and adding special personal touches to their wedding details. Think welcome chalkboards with greenery or floral garland, special couple signs, a cake made of cheese wheels, monogrammed ribbon, school pin boutonnieres, a canoe instead of a gift table (with a guestbook oar), or superhero undershirts. No matter what your couples choose, these personal details add flair!

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5. Flowing ribbon
What is more romantic than a satin ribbon blowing delicately in the wind? Not much. This style is here to stay.


6. Man’s (and woman’s) best friend
You might “drool” over this trend. Flower dogs and puppy ring bearers? Yes, please! Is there a better best man than man’s, or woman’s, best friend? Fido is hard to beat. A well-behaved puppy or dog is your safest bet, however.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty that the right floral touches can bring to a wedding or event. And whether you are a trend follower or a trendsetter, there is something in these 2017 trends to please. Pick one and make it your own. Have your couples put their own spin on whichever ones they choose and, in the end, the beauty will blossom. WPM

Lisa Foster, Lisa Foster Floral Design, Knoxville, Tenn.