“You get the best out of others, when you give the best of yourself.”
– Harvey S. Firestone

Giving the best of ourselves is the best way to better business. When we give the best of ourselves, we become our best version of ourself, and we inspire the best in others. In this issue, we focus on becoming the best. For those wanting to plan destination events, we start with advice from some of today’s top destination wedding planners. They tell us how to be our best by providing insider tips and sharing the latest trends. Plus, you’ll see some beautiful destination Real Weddings.

How else can we become the best? By expanding our creativity and adding to our tools in The Create Process, as explained by Tonia Adleta, PWP™, in her final article of a three-part series. In this issue, you’ll also learn how to know yourself in order to lead yourself, as well as discover why continuing education means you don’t need to “go it alone” in business. Merryl Brown, CWP™, shares her expertise in letting you know how to transform your business from good to great, making an unforgettable name for yourself.

As we improve upon ourselves and our businesses, we learn a little along the way from others. We’ll also discuss how to bridge the generation gap in communicating with clients of differing generations and ages. Plus, learn from your peers in our Industry Best Practices, finding out how their expertise has “saved the day” for their couples.

So go ahead, grab an ice-cold beverage, find a place in the sun, relax and enjoy this latest issue—and be sure to send us your ideas for future articles!