Denise Acosta, Be That Bride Events, Las Vegas,
www.bethatbrideevents.com, admin@bethatbrideevents.com
Years in Industry: 10
Photography: Alec and T. Photography
Businesses: Los Cabos (mariachi), Hermanos Herrera (fireworks), Alec & T. Photography (photo booth/videography), Roberto Contreras (DJ, LED dance floor, illumination, and cold sparklers), Lazy Gourmet (linens), Baja Flowers, Prestige Events (chairs)
Wedding Date: Jan. 14, 2017
Guest Count: 140
Involvement: Full consulting

The Couple: There was a special surprise for the guests at the reception; the famous Larry Stewart, lead singer of the country pop band Restless Heart, and the bride’s uncle sang the song “I’ll Still Be Loving You” for the couple’s first dance.
Inspiration: This wedding focused on a rustic/beach style. We are in love with Casa Del Mar Resort in Cabo. The resort is small and unique—intimate, upscale, but with a casual edge. You can easily do an entire buyout with more than 75 guests. Everything in life is relationship-based and our relationship with this venue is fantastic!
“Aha” Moment: The “aha” moment we love is when, right after the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds kiss and, in that exact moment, we have a mariachi band start playing a beautiful festive song, and all guests turn around. The “aha” moment is flowing.

Most Unique Design Element: This bride, as well as many others, love the idea of having light and fire on the big day, so we helped her plan the special surprise of fireworks for the moment of cake cutting and also some farewell sparklers when the couple left and said goodbye to their guests.
Color Palette: White, green, nude, and navy blue
Budget: $100,000 (approximately)
Staff Hours: 250 hours
Planning Time: 1 year
Client Meetings: Three
Set Up/Strike Details: It took us more than 12 hours to set up and strike the day’s events.
Revenue Breakdown: For this wedding, entertainment was one of the big percentages covered from the budget. Overall, this budget was approximately 40% consulting, 30% food and beverages, and 30% decoration and entertainment.
Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge we had was placing a chandelier in the correct spot for the chuppah. Why? It had to be perfectly placed for photos, for the size of the chuppah, and the bride and groom (though they weren’t there at the moment of set up). But we managed and it was just in the right place the whole ceremony time.