Be yourself.

If we were to give advice to an industry newbie, just as we asked our readers to do, it would be this. Be yourself.

Sometimes, when we begin our careers, we try hard to be just like those we admire, or like the competition, or we try hard to appease all potential clients. We forget that the best thing to do is to know ourselves first. We need to learn our strengths and weaknesses, discover who we are and what we have to offer. Once we stop being what we think we should be, get comfortable with who we are already, and just be ourselves, our businesses will shine.

For more learnings and advice see our Industry Best Practices on page 20. Yet this issue of Wedding Planner Magazine also contains other practical business advice. Our cover feature on page 8  breaks down the budgeting process, offering tips and ideas for creating a business budget that works for you. On page 13, Master Wedding Planner™ Sonya Scott tells us how to get comfortable closing deals, admitting that, in the beginning of her business venture, this was her least comfortable task. Sound familiar?

On page 28, we explore the latest on LGBTQ+ wedding industry and political issues in the United States as the publisher of and WeddingWire expert Kathryn Hamm offers her perspective. We also continue our exploration of business communication issues by examining the complicated world of co-worker communication and inter-office generational communication styles.

So please, take some time from your busy schedule or the Association of Bridal Consultants annual conference in Mexico, and spend it with this issue of Wedding Planner Magazine—we know you’ll be glad you did!