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Publisher & Editor Letter
Letter – Volume 5, Issue 2

Letter – Volume 5, Issue 2

“You have to color outside of the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece.” – Albert Einstein
Letter - Volume 5, Issue 1

Letter – Volume 5, Issue 1

Does it ever seem like the days literally fly by—with speed and momentum that multiply exponentially with each passing second—almost as if each were traveling at the speed of light?

Letter – Volume 2, Issue 1

We’re celebrating our first anniversary! This issue of Wedding Planner Magazine officially marks the beginning of our second year in print. In one short year, we’ve taken the professionalism of the wedding industry to new levels. Within these pages, we bring you smart, informative ideas to grow your business, the latest trends and inspiration, as...

Letter – Volume 1, Issue 6

The results of the Wedding Planner Magazine survey that was completed at the Business of Brides 2011 have been tabulated. On a scale of one to 10, you rated us 9.5! Overwhelmingly, you voted Real Weddings and Best Practices as your favorite features and our first issue, the color issue in March/April 2011 as your...

Letter – November/December

Wow! We are practically speechless and, indeed, humbled by the volume of responses we received to our request for trend ideas for our cover feature in this issue of Wedding Planner Magazine. At times, you might say, we were even a bit overwhelmed as we faced the momentous task of culling through the volume of...

Letter – July/August

Every bride wants a special wedding—one that is different from any other. She wants a wedding that inspires and moves guests while creating lasting memories for her and her groom. Destination weddings offer exactly that kind of enchantment. For years to come, couples who wed away from home will hearken back to the moment of...

Publisher’s & Editor’s Letter – May|June

“I love the ‘new’ Wedding Planner Magazine!” That is the consistent feedback we are hearing on the premier issue. We are awed by your kudos and excitement. You inspire us to continue striving for excellence and building a publication of value for wedding industry professionals. Wedding Planner Magazine depends on your readership and your ideas....

Publisher’s & Editor’s Letter – March|April

When we set out to create the first issue of Wedding Planner Magazine, we were determined to rely, for the most part, on the brainpower and expertise of ABC members as industry experts. The welcoming response we were met with was overwhelming. Indeed, it is humbling to be surrounded by such talented individuals as those...